I often get asked about how hypnosis can help sportsmen and women who play at amateur or recreational levels. I have spent a few years now researching and studying hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help not only the people I come into contact with but also for myself.

We all see the highly paid sports stars on the television on a consistent basis performing week in and week out and it is easy to feel that success may not have come at a price. It looks all so simple for these highly trained, highly looked after athletes. For many, many years as a footballer (soccer), cricketer and keen golfer, I would work myself up into such a frenzy of nerves and anxiety that it would make you wonder why I even played the sports I did. So much of the pressure I was feeling was self-induced. I brought on myself.

I didn’t have the luxury of coaches who were sympathetic to the needs of the mental game of my game and nor did I have the luxury of using the abundance of mindset tools that are so easily available on the internet nowadays.

If I had the selection of Hypnosis MP3 available online to listen to during my playing days, would I have been a lot calmer and relaxed when playing? Would I have played in golf tournaments not worrying what people think? Would I have used more resourceful language and not making up things people were saying about me?

If I had a hypnosis programme to improve my confidence and self-belief before going out to bat in a cricket match, would I have experienced all those years of crippling nerves and tension in my stomach before each innings?

Overcoming my own limiting beliefs during my own sporting career was a challenge. Maturity certainly helps as well. We live in a wonderful time where help is easily available and good help, contrary to belief, isn’t so hard to find.

Whatever sport you play, whatever field of the arts you perform in, there is someone out there who has experienced similar self-doubt, anxiety and nervousness as you. There is someone who lacked confidence or the emotional intelligence to deal with setbacks and challenges. There is someone who has been injured and recovered to help others.

I am drawn to people who have had challenges and are open and honest to share them. Much of life wants us to enjoy perfection and we are often sold on that. I find joy in seeing and reading about people who have overcome enormous odds to live a full and rich life.

In my own life, I get great joy from helping and serving others. If you suffer or are experiencing issues similar to my sporting challenges. I’m here to serve.

If you are perfect, well I wish you all the luck in the world and congratulations. You are in a small minority of people who participate in competitive sport.