As a provider of golf performance enhancement  & coaching, I use a range of techniques from hypnosis, NLP and coaching to get the best for my clients.

It is my intention to keep things as simple as possible. Many of my clients want to improve the levels of performance out on the course. They generally complete the physical practice which is essential for consistent performance, however, sometimes the mind plays a determining factor in the levels of performance. Mindset coaching and the physical practice will allow you to find that hidden ‘extra’ to take your game and performance further.

The beauty of hypnosis and self-hypnosis for golfers is that it will allow you to tap into and open up your imagination which will encourage a host of beneficial changes to take place. My coaching and the hypnosis audio’s I have produced for golfers take a ‘Solution Focused ‘approach. This means that the interventions used within each of the hypnosis audio’s will help you achieve solutions and not dig up or rehash old problems/issues.
Hypnosis is safe and much of the scientific research has proved the efficiency of this technique to elicit positive results.

Hypnosis can assist Golfers with:

• Improving confidence & self-belief
• Removing negative thoughts & influences
• Increasing motivation & commitment to training/practice
• Enhanced relaxation
• Improved focus & concentration

The ‘Shop’ section contains a host of valuable audios and e-books that are free to download or to purchase and use as an adjunct to your physical practice sessions. You can use the MP3’s prior to performing and they will serve up a sample of what the audio programmes contain and give you a feel of how hypnosis can work for you.

It will also give you a feel of what it is like to part of a coaching relationship.

Happy golfing.