I am of the belief that improvement in golf is not a quick fix. Most improvement in any sport takes time. Your golf swing will need time to adjust to any changes in set up or movement. If you lift weights, it will take some time for you to see changes in your body. Things take time.

I enjoy my work with golfers. I enjoy seeing where they presently are and I love to improve my understanding of the goals they wish to achieve.  I enjoy finding out about the pre-shot routines they use and the way they visualise the shots they want to play.

Working with professionals takes my understanding to the next level and I feel it is time to share some of the techniques and lessons I have explored with my clients and how they have improved their game.

If you are looking forward to reducing your scores and improving your game further, you are in for a treat.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing ways you can improve your visualisations along with ways you can tighten up your pre-shot routine. You will gain an insight on how the professionals I work with manage their self-talk and how they stay in the present when playing.

You will also gain an insight on how important goal setting is and equally the importance of reviewing and reflecting on the goals you have set as the season progresses.

I look forward to sharing all this with you over the next few weeks.


Happy golfing





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