It has been a great month for the ‘Golf Mindset’ stable as a number of my clients are getting the rewards that their hard work deserves.

I am filled with excitement as my clients send me messages and photos of their latest scores and achievements. Over the past month we have had a number of Top 5 finishes, scores under par with consistent lead-up and approach play, a 2nd place finish in a large junior event and most noteworthy, a hole in one.

I am keen to stress that I am simply providing my clients with the tools to take to their games. I do not wish to take the ultimate credit for their success. Golf at the highest level is a team game. My mindset coaching is part of a valued team that many of my clients have. Swing coaches, strength & conditioning coaches and mindset coaches work together to get the best out of their clients.

It is often said that you ‘get what you put in’. As a result, my clients formulate their own processes that they feel comfortable with and link it with the swing dynamics that they are focusing on. Consequently, their hard work is paying off. I say to my clients that if golf was easy, everyone would be going around shooting 68’s. There is more to it.


I’d like to emphasise that the real key is to remove any technical thoughts or blocks when golfers get out onto the course. In addition, golfers who trust the hard work they have done on the practice fairway and greens will achieve results.

Be present, enjoy the challenge.

Swedish golfer psychologist Pia Nilsson states, there are only two responses we should have to every golf shot, happy or neutral.

I’m sure August has more excitement to come.


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