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Paul is a High-Performance Mindset Coach who helps high performers get unstuck and unlock their full potential. He coaches aspiring and professional golfers, business owners and executives, entrepreneurs, and professional poker players.

Paul had a fascination for seeking to understand the minds of the greatest athletes in the world from a young age. He constantly immersed himself in books on the topics of human performance and performance psychology, while always studying the greats of his time, such as Kobe, Tiger, Michael, and Roger to understand what enabled them to do what they did.

Paul’s coaching journey began as a Sports Dietitian working with elite Collegiate, Professional, and Olympic athletes. He took many pitstops along the way, including serving as a lecturer to teach Advanced Human Performance at Northern Arizona University and serving as the Lead Nutrition Writer and Editor at Bodybuilding.com.

And, perhaps, his favorite pitstop, was pursuing poker professionally playing live cash - which first introduced him to the power of hypnosis. He quickly ascended from a $1/3 regular to a $2/5 regular that often took confident and calculated shots at $5/10 and $10/10. The 2020 closure of casinos caused him to pivot and to this day he’s grateful that he is able to keep poker as a serious hobby while prioritizing his coaching and education.


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Every Saturday morning, you'll get proven, actionable insight to overcome the emotional and mental hazards keeping you stuck in the proverbial bunker of poor performance - in less than 5 minutes.


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Paul Salter is a triple-digit golfer on a quest to become a scratch golfer.‌

He’s also a High-Performance Mindset Coach and Credentialed Hypnotherapist with 15 years of experience helping high performers from all walks of life get unstuck and unlock their full potential.

Each week, Paul will share the emotional and mindset shifts you need to make to make mastering the mental game of golf simple, tangible, and relatable so that you can overcome the mental hazards keeping you stuck in the proverbial bunker of poor performance.‌

He’ll also routinely keep you updated on his progress toward par while sharing a raw and vulnerable look into his own collection of mental hazards he must overcome.‌

Whether you’re an occasional amateur, a weekend regular, or a competitor seeking a tournament trophy or your pro card, this podcast will help you play better golf.

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Paul is a credentialed hypnotherapist who trained under world-renowned hypnotherapist Grace Smith and has spent the last year mentoring under top Mindset and Performance Coach, Elliot Roe.

His coaching approach draws on his 15 years of experience working with thousands and utilizes hypnosis, subconscious reprogramming, and a combination of other high-performance rapid change strategies to uncover the origin of fears, beliefs, and behaviors keeping you stuck in the proverbial bunker of poor performance so that you can unlearn and upgrade them to play to your potential.

And, like you, Paul has been stuck.


In his golf game.


In his poker game.


In growing his business.


In growing his finances.


In his romantic relationships.

He understands on an intimate level what it feels like to be stuck and has dedicated his life to combining his education, experience, and personal reltability to help high-performers like you get unstuck and unlock your full potential.


15+ years coaching High-Performers from all walks of life


3,000+ clients coached


Credentialed Hypnotherapist

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