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“The game of golf is 90% mental and 10% physical.”

~ Jack Nicklaus


about Paul

Paul is a High-Performance Mindset Coach who leverages hypnosis and powerful subconscious reprogramming techniques to help golfers of all ages and skill levels overcome the mental hazards of their minds so they shoot lower scores more consistently (and have fun doing so).

He has more than 15 years of coaching experience working with a variety of high performers in various industries to help them get unstuck and unlock their full potential.

Here’s how he can help you overcome the mental hazards of your mind and shoot lower scores more consistently.

How I Can Help You

I Help Golfers Overcome the Mental Hazards of Their Minds to Shoot Lower Scores


1:1 High-Performance Mindset Coaching

Shooting lower scores more often demands consistent focus, emotional control, persistent patience, and confidence.

Paul’s approach will help you resolve the underlying issues that create mental hazards in your head so you can play your best golf.


Hire Paul to Speak at Your Event or Club

With a unique perspective that draws upon 15 years of coaching high performers in a variety of niches, Paul has helped golfers of all skill ranges elevate their performance and unlock their full potential.

He is available for speaking engagements for conferences, events, and private workshops - on and off the course.

Looking for Performance Nutrition Coaching?

My coaching career began as a Sports Dietitian working with elite college, professional, and Olympic athletes. I then spent the next 14 years helping high performers maximize their performance, recovery, and body composition.

If you’d like to discuss Performance Nutrition Coaching - as either a one-off coaching service or a complement to Mindset and Performance Coaching - share your needs and goals in the form below so that we may discuss a custom Coaching Program.

Financial terms to be discussed.


Online Group Coaching


This six-week virtual Group Coaching Program is designed to help you make fast, lasting changes to your mental game by identifying and plugging emotional leaks and unlearning Detrimental Mindset Programs.

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